"Summer loving, had me a blast"
doesn't just happen in the film Grease.

Katy & Cody were adorable together filled with summer romance including loads of kisses & hugs. Katy currently lives in New York but spends her summers with Cody in Vermont. (Cody cooks and Katy cleans the dishes).

I surprised Katy & Cody with a little bit of a walk to our first location and despite the fact that Katy loves being indoors with a good movie or book, she still had no problems cozying up to Cody. And Cody, despite at first feeling uncomfortable in the spotlight, was modeling like a pro all without any direction! Katy & Cody were incredibly cute (Katy even bought Cody a shirt especially for the session--how sweet!)

Get wrapped up in a summer romance with these two!
~Mei Lin